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On September 22nd I became a grandmother! And on October 3rd my older son turned 30, amazing! Yesterday someone asked me how I felt about about it and my answer was, grateful. Oh he is a treasure that little one!!! All are tired and well… and tired.

My treatments are over and I feel great. Radiation was a piece of cake… my skin was unscathed and my energy level was … normal? I was told it could tire me out, but at the end of the day aren’t we all just tired anyway? I couldn’t tell a difference, and feel working with a naturopath was key for me. She spoke with me about the importance of oxygenating the body within a three hour window of radiation, so every time, as soon as I was done, I took the stairs to the 6th floor, went back down and left. Did it help? I’d say yes. I’m returning to PT for a bit and can already feel the benefits after only one visit. And my hair is coming back! Fun, fun fun…… It’s snowing now, the first of the season and it made for a fun afternoon walk.. very wet and will probably be gone in the morning.



Foliage was gorgeous this year and still is in some areas…. the temps are hitting freezing though, so the leaves will be falling with the weight of the ice. I love that sound…..
My kayak is still down by the river as I think I’ll get out there again…. ???


I finished up this shawl a few weeks back. We took a drive to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Tundbridge and I finished it on the ride. It was one of those projects that lies dormant for, well, you forget how long it’s been so long. And at one point it was such a tangled mess that I almost chucked it. What was I thinking? It was also one of those projects that I just started and made up as I went, and neglected to write anything down…. all good intentions.  Actually, now I have a notebook (Cath Kidston and I love it!) and since 2013 have been writing the stats of every started project. Notes too, along with the finish date. So anyway…. this shawl goes back 5 or so years. But now that it’s done, it doesn’t matter and I’m so glad I finished it It was a one skein wonder (no label either, I thought I’d remember the name, I didn’t) and must have cashmere in it, it’s so super soft. I blocked it aggressively and love that it was finished just as the trees were turning, so greens and golds were everywhere.



I plan on ordering more leather straps next week and look forward, as always, to the new colors. I agree with you who have been in touch saying you love the Basket Case, me too! Mine is housing a little sweater for ‘he’s like a little piece of pumpkin pie’, Foster. A Baby Surprise (by EZ) is almost finished too and I hope to have my Seacoast sweater done within the week.


During yesterday’s yoga (here at home) I could feel the benefits of PT and am glad to return. Yoga and breathing are both so important for me. If for any reason my mind goes off into anything remotely stressful, I bring myself back with my breath, notice how it feels moving in and out of my body and I notice the presence of the moment (the only place we ever really are). What I mean is I’m less in the mind chatter (so it doesn’t take over) and more in reality.

Woody gave me first option on a beautiful new top design he created. I was touched and am thrilled to have it! His inspiration was a flower…. I tried to photograph it but the light today was dismal (for photos….. just right for first snow walks though…)

I’ll show you next time.

Dinner jazz is on and there’s a fire crackling in the wood stove. My knitting awaits so off I go to put tonight’s bags up. As we move into the shorter days I find myself still used to later daylight, so am adjusting my work and walking time accordingly. Wow, that last full moon…. what a gift!


Oh… I was in Michael’s looking for small wooden pieces (for holiday gnomes, more on that later!) and fell in love with this yarn from Bernat. It’s a bulky weight, I’m on a J hook and am making a floor play mat for Foster. It’s like a tubular t-shirt softness, love love and more love! Neat design too… just a simple single crochet.


Much love to you all. If you’re reading this, I can say whole heartedly that you’re blessings in my life for sure.

Onward good women… XO