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A few weeks back, and idea popped into my head. I ‘saw’ this image for handles, spoke with my leather guy and here’s the prototype. I’m very pleased as it offers another option/look/feel.


These straps are 3/4” wide, very firm and are attached with rivets. I see these straps on a small, medium and large split top tote and the pocket will run the width of the back with a snap closure in the center. These were put on for me, so I could see if I liked them…… and I do, very much. They won’t replace the straps I currently use, they are in addition!


That said, I want to be the one attaching them which means getting some equipment set up and some practice done! I look forward to it and in the meantime this bag is offered today!


Life is grand and busy, so this is a short post. There’s another wooden handled bag I’m anxious to get to and hopefully list this afternoon. I will add that I’m feeling great, every day radiation feels fine. It’s an errand 😉

The new little babe is such a joy!!! I could burst XO