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A common sight this time of year...

A common sight this time of year…

Well life is moving right along, which it does. The days are so obviously shorter and boy, do I love the cooler temperatures. So far though September has been warm but the evening temperature is the reminder of cooler days to come. I feel great and radiation is more like an errand at this point! I have a 40 minute drive one way, radiation lasts 5 or so minutes, then it’s back home. Many of my appointments are early morning so I get home by the time I normally am ready to get going with my day. I feel no effects from the radiation, because honestly, I’m riding the wave of feeling better and better all the time now that chemo is a distant memory. My taste buds are coming back and so is my hair…. the fuzz on my head feels like feather down 🙂
Next week at this time the babe might be here! Holy smokes, I’m so excited!!



I knit this little sweater 30 years ago for my older son, and now it’s been lovingly washed, laid out to dry and is ready for the little one….


A few weeks back I took a basket weaving class and I loved it! We met in an open field on a warm and breezy day… such a nice group of women! I signed up for the next class which is a bigger Adirondack Basket (!) but am playing it by ear as I want to be available to help once the babe is here. This weekend will be a time to cook and get meals ready for them.


Before staining

Before staining

After staining!

After staining!


Woody had a great time at the Burlington Art Hop. His work makes me beam every time I see it. He’s recently added hand blown glass disks for spinning. They’re so beautiful as the color sweeps through the glass depending on how you look at it. I spin mine on a round mirror I hold. It brings me right to focus and the moment…. one of the reasons he loves putting them out into the world.



img_8760Knit night has started up again and last week we toasted to good health and good knitting. I worked on a recently started top down sweater from  joji called, ‘Seacoast’. I’m enjoying it to far. The yarn is Eco by Cascade and it isn’t splitty, though I’m glad to be using sharp tips.

It was another successful trip to Brimfield! I came home with 180 buttons and a fabulous vintage piece of barkcloth. Of all the buttons, even though this one isn’t a show stopper, it’s my favorite.


Generally once my work is done for the day, I get in my kayak and follow that with yoga on the dock. But with the change in the light, the past few days I’ve either paddled with no sun, or bright sun in my face. So yesterday as I started to work, I felt rushed to get my quota reached so I could paddle earlier and it hit me, like it sometimes does, that I’m my own boss, making my days my own. So I paddled at 2:00 for an hour, and did yoga for about the same amount of time afterwards. I always strive for balance, and this was such a simple thing. But more than balance it was making my grounding time the priority. And by grounding I mean stopping to get still. To close or lower my eyes, feel my breath, be present, lower my shoulders, straighten my spine and breathe deeply with gratitude. That’s about it. There’s not much I can do that’s more powerful than that. And it is, every time. My studio is well worked and efficient (though it hasn’t been swept in awhile!) and is always ready for me to walk in and work. And I love it so much, especially and even more so when I’ve given myself time.

It’s cozy and rainy which puts me in the mood to grab a sweater and get to work. Work I love.

Till next time, XO



… Oh! Here I am out to dinner with friends. I’m the one in the middle! 😉 I hadn’t thought I’d lost much eye brow but I really have. And I have about 10 eye lashes on each eye…. honestly I’m so comfortable with it, though I do seem to have a perpetual look of slight surprise…




Oh and one more thing! I was so happy to replace a ‘dog chewed off’ button for Hannah! I’ve been looking for one, Brimfield to the rescue yet again!