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Welcome to Green Mountain Knitting Bags, of Vermont

Where posh, top quality knitting bags are created one at a time in my small Vermont studio.


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August 14 blackberries

Posted on Aug 14 by

My sister is on her way back to Maine, she was here for the┬ábaby shower and what a great shower it was! I’d had a feeling things might be done differently now (as opposed...


August 1, 2016 Rabbit Rabbit!

Posted on Aug 1 by

Well I for one am just fine that August is here. My last treatment is on Thursday the 4th (my sister’s birthday) and I’m thrilled!… and feeling well. This time...


July 17, 2016

Posted on Jul 17 by

  It’s early morning and I love this time of day. For years I was a night owl, often working until midnight and beyond. But now the summer mornings are just too good...


June 20, 2016

Posted on Jun 20 by

Ahhh, sweet, sweet summertime, happy Solstice to you all! Lately I’ve been waking so early (which I love) yet once the sun goes down… I’m pretty much ready to...


May 26, 2016

Posted on May 26 by

Hi all. Last week was a non treatment week so boy, did it feel great to have energy. Woody was at an art’s market outside of his shop and this beautifully crafted piece...


May 20, 2016

Posted on May 20 by

Greetings… It was a good week for me. I’ve been planting and playing in the dirt a lot, always so grounding. The temperatures have been cool though and the leaves are...