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Welcome to Green Mountain Knitting Bags, of Vermont

Where posh, top quality knitting bags are created one at a time in my small Vermont studio.


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August 21…. eclipse day!

Posted on Aug 21 by

My first tomatoes and I’m thrilled! Had my first tomato sandwich yesterday and loved every bite. Summer squash is everywhere so today it’s sweet pickle time! Canning...


August 15, 2017

Posted on Aug 16 by

For years one of my favorite treats about Maine is visiting The Faded Rose in Belgrade. I used to walk to her shop and this year, happily took the 10 minute drive. Her shop is...


August 7, back from Maine

Posted on Aug 7 by

What a blessing last week was. I feel like I was gone a month, and honestly could easily have stayed longer. Some folks love to go away and do lots of things….. not me. I...


July 25, 2017

Posted on Jul 25 by

I’m a day late, ¬†does that mean I’m a dollar short??? Gettings all…. I am a day late because yesterday I picked up these lovely smaller noste’ from Woody!...


July 17, 2017

Posted on Jul 17 by

Mid summer is such a sweet time of year and my walks to the lake are, every single time, magical. The sweet smell of summer and the fire flies at night…. and of course...


July 11, 2017

Posted on Jul 10 by

      I hope everyone had a good 4th. For me it was small town sweetness, the parade, book sale, thrift shop and silent auction, a visit with my grandson and an...